Period's don't stop for pandemics. (No matter how much we wish they would!)
It's come to our attention that many essential workers are experiencing painful period cramps and don't have access to the relief that they deserve (and desperately need). We know our product can help, and we want to do it for free. If you, or someone you know, is an essential worker ( a health professional, truck driver, grocery worker, etc.) nominate them or yourself for a free band, and we'll gift a free band to selected applicants. Just write a name, profession and why you think they/you should get a band and we'll email you shortly. 
For those who do so much for us, thank you. We've always said that you're not alone and that we would be there for you, and we want to put our money where our mouths are.
Being one of The Girls isn't just about cramp alleviation or funny period puns (although ours are pretttyy good)--it's about being there for each other and supporting each other when we need it most. You're our girls, (regardless of gender) and we'll be there for you. #bandtogether #uterUS