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Cramp Alleviating Band - Starter Pack (subscription only)

Cramp Alleviating Band - Starter Pack (subscription only)

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**Size chart is the last photo in the gallery**

Help to alleviate your cramps with The Starter Pack by The Girls Co. It includes one of our bands with 12 warmers (a.k.a. hot stuff) and a sticker!

  • It runs slightly large, you may want to size down! (Size chart is the last image) 
  • 6 pockets all the way around
  • Includes 12 heat packs
  • Machine Washable
  • Nylon/Spandex blend

**Warmers are re-ordered each month, and delivered to you on the first of the month! Subscribe to the Hot Stuff Subscription and save money!**

How it works:

Remember last month when you were in debilitating pain on your period, you crawled over to your laptop and googled 'cramp pain alleviation' and the only thing that Google found was pages and pages of home remedies telling you to do some yoga or eat a banana?

Imagine if your heating pad was less than 1/8 of an inch thick, used natural ingredients to provide heat and provided you the heated relief you need when you need it most. That’s The Band by the Girls! The Band is made out of a specific blend of nylon and spandex for breathe ability, comfort and just the right amount of pressure (to combat bloating!) You can insert the warming packets into the front and back pockets of the belt (with back pockets for pesky period back pain!)

Our heat packs last for 6-8+ hours so you can have cramp alleviating heat at work, school, skydiving or going on a date with that cutie that your parents don’t like.


Band is made of Nylon-Spandex Blend and features 6 pockets for period cramp pain and back pain.

Includes adjustable clasp for easy wear and removal.


9 heat pouches are included in a purchase for the regular size and 6 heat pouches are included for the mini size

4 mm thick

Lasts 8-10 hours (sometimes even longer!)

Adhesive on one side

Disposable (made with natural ingredients that are environmentally safe!)

How To Use

When you're ready to use the Hot Stuff, simply open the package and place individual heat packs inside pockets of The Band. NOTE: Packs are oxygen-activated so opening the package will activate all warmers.


Subscription can be cancelled at any time! (+ FREE SHIPPING every month when you subscribe!)

The heat pouches will be delivered to your doorstep at the beginning of each month.

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