2021 Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her: [20+ Ideas]

2021 Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her: [20+ Ideas]

It’s that time of year again. Really sneaked up on us huh? No fret if you haven’t gotten your gift yet for that special someone (which could be for yourself in which case GO OFF coz same)! As always, The Girls are here to save the day. Check out these super cool gift ideas that look like you put in so much effort for those extra brownie points that may last till next year.

Let’s do this y’all. 

La Maison Du Chocolat Little Treat Hatbox - $185

Alright we gotta start with the classics. When I think of Valentine's Day, I think CHOCOLATE. And this is the best of the best. This insane gift box is full of the fanciest of chocolate, not just your basic Hershey’s. She makes a statement for sure. 

Venus et Fleur Classic Bundle Set - $149

After chocolate, I think of flowers. But not the flowers that wilt after a week. You want the flowers that last a whole year, until next Valentine’s Day. These are so cute and make a statement plus comes with a candle. The price stag is steep for flowers, but throw in the fact that they last a full year without maintenance makes up for it. 

Bouqs Roses Bouquet Bundle - $89

I had to throw in one more flower idea. This stunning bouquet with roses just truly embodies everything lovey dovey ever. Plus it comes with a date night card game. The perfect bundle. 

Buy a Star - $40

Okay I love this gift. It is so special and thoughtful and truly unforgettable. You really can’t go wrong here. 

Embellished Headband - $64.26

Tell me this doesn’t look like a crown. Whoever wears this, the people around them need to bow. I’m sorry I don’t make up the rules. But seriously how incredible is this headband. Brb getting one for myself too. 

Mejuri Bold Hoops - $95

Next classic is jewelry obvi. You honestly can never go wrong with jewelry. Gold hoops are always a good idea. You would wear them with sweats and honestly it would be a LOOK. These gold hoops are bold and different while still looking classic. What. A. Combo. Wow. 

Luv AJ Pave Interlock Hoops - $85

One more pair of hoops. I’m sorry but I love them okay. These are another of super cool hoops with a twist so you stand out. But I mean you would stand out no matter what. Slay me. 

Mejuri Pearl Rectangle Locket Necklace - $195

I think pearls are so underrated. They are so beautiful and classic. This necklace features a pearl in a unique shape compared to the classic circular shape. It is also a locket so you can customize it with any picture. Truly a work of art. 

Everly Rings Clara Band - $99

These stackable bands are so popular these days and these are a great pick. They have so many different unique designs and are from a women-owned business. They even have an offer to get 3 rings for $150. What are you waiting for?

Mejuri Jewelry Case - $75

To wrap up our jewelry journey, this gorgeous jewelry case would be the perfect sidekick. It’s made of high-quality, can fit your favorite accessories, and would be perfect to display on your dresser or take on the go. 

Bleu de Chanel Perfume - $80

This Chanel perfume is a cult favorite and makes such a great gift. You honestly can’t go wrong with this. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette - $45

Look at this eyeshadow palette. Look at it. It is calling your name. Do you hear it? That Mulberry shade is just *chefs kiss*. Just get this palette and ask questions later alright cool. 

Truly Unicorn Bundle - $56

Can we first talk about this packaging? I mean CAN WE? Okay okay well besides the packaging serving us looks, this is a cult favorite that uses all natural ingredients. The best self care moment. You need this. 

Barefoot Dreams Robe - $99

You can’t have a gift guide without a robe. It’s not just possible. This super comfy one from Barefoot Dreams really is a dream. It’s a no brainer tbh. 

Gifts Under $30

Fenty Beauty Lip Gloss - $19

Rihanna made this lip gloss. That’s all you need to know. You simply need this lip gloss period. Kay bye. 

Lovestylize Zodiac Necklace - $29

For the Astrology loving queen in your life, these Zodiac necklaces make such a great gift. They have so much detail and look so cool on and can even be layered with other necklaces. 

The Astrology of You and Me Book - $24.99

Another fun gift for the astrology lover in your life. This book is top rated and connects astrology to every type of relationship in your life. 

Date Night In Journal - $17.95

This is a super fun gift and would be perfect to do with your partner. It has questions, activities, and lists you can fill out with the one you love most. The cutest aww. 

Wild Flowers Soap Petals - $9.99

We love self-care and we love flowers. Put them together and bam. Look at how beautiful these soaps are. A beauty queen. 

Etsy Valentine’s Day Spa Box - $28.90

This gift box is so cute and can be customized for the person you’re gifting it too. This one includes body butter, a candle and matches. It’s just so cute.

Lady Whistledown Mug - $22.85

For the person in your life who's obsessed with Bridgerton, so basically everyone, this mug is a must-have. 

Flower Bouquet Necklace - $22.95

This dainty flower necklace is so pretty and can be customized for whoever is special in your life. It’s super thoughtful and just gives off good vibes. 

You really can’t go wrong with getting any of the gifts from this guide. Now go impress the hell out of the special people in your life. You’re welcome. 

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