Our Story.

We (Abby, Zoia and Taimi) were all put in the same group in our very first entrepreneurship class at college. Representing half the women in the University’s entrepreneurship program, we were quickly coined “The Girls.”
After a brief discussion, we agreed that our entrepreneurial venture needed to be women-focused. It’s the customer segment we love the most and one we feel is deeply underserved. 
We became obsessed with the way periods, and especially period cramps, had been treated throughout time. We had many questions—How did a problem so large have so few solutions? And why didn’t solutions for period cramps keep the women using them in mind?
We knew there had to be a more effective way to alleviate cramp pain while allowing women to easily move throughout the day.
So with little experience (and even less money), we committed ourselves to learning. First, we wanted to understand--we spent hours researching cramp pain, surveying and interviewing hundreds of women, talking to cramp pain support groups. We worked late into the night making sure that we were developing not only a product that worked but one that worked for women. With our knowledge in hand, we started making a testable product. We cut apart shirts and spandex and “frankensteined” them together to make a belt where thin heat pouches could be slid in. We convinced Taimi’s grandma to help sew product (Bless you Ladonna!). We listened carefully to women as they tried it on, and spent hundreds of hours talking, testing, and adjusting product with women and many additional hours learning about finance, manufacturing processes, and business.
As three young women in a male-dominated program and field, we’ve endured snickering during our presentations, uncomfortable investors and panelists, men telling us how to adjust the product to better benefit the female anatomy, and being told that we won competitions because of how “cute and animated” we were(and not because of the calculus-based regression model we used to analyze our company.)
But we’ve kept pushing. We keep going to meetings where we’re the only women there, keep smiling through interesting comments, and keep making people uncomfortable because you deserve to have options to alleviate one of the most common (yet debilitating) pains that women experience and those options should not be compromised just because people don’t want to talk about them.
It’s simple: 
We envision a world where your life doesn’t need to stop when your period starts. Period. 
We know that you’re going to do so many wonderful things in your life. We want you to be able to excel at all these things and firmly believe that cramp pain shouldn’t slow you down. 
We are genuinely so touched when you come to us telling us that you can go to work, school and live your lives again with our product. 
Welcome to our family, we’re thrilled to have you here. 
With Love,