At The Girls Company, we hear YOU.  We Educate. We Innovate. We Support.
We bring women’s health issues that have been ignored and brushed under the rug into the light. We add value to your life so you can add value for others. We are a brand made for YOU. We keep it real. We keep it open. We keep it fun! 
We are different from bigger brands. We want to connect, communicate, and understand you personally. We want to truly listen to your needs and provide innovative solutions. We are willing to adapt and change based on feedback we get from you, and want our customer to always feel like they're heard and taken care of.
We can revolutionize the way people think and talk about the women’s health industry. Together we can facilitate a new conversation and remove the stigma. We see a community that can share without judgement. We empower ourselves and empower others. 
Our solutions are designed to increase women’s productivity, provide emotional support, and offer pain relief for your underserved problems.
Women’s pain deserves to be showcased on center stage, not behind the curtain. This is the time to be brave and unapologetic.
Every woman deserves to have options. 
Every single person who buys from us becomes one of The Girls. There’s a sense of togetherness, community, and camaraderie in our shared traumas and shared accomplishments!
You Go Girl.