Say Goodbye To Period Cramps.

Say 👋👋👋 to cramps holding you back!

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How It Works

The Girls Band works with two elements:

1. The Band: The Band is a super thin fabric band you wear on your stomach under clothes. It has pockets where small heated pouches (Hot Stuff) are inserted.

2.Hot Stuff: Slide the tiny heated pouches (Hot Stuff) inside The Band for heated relief for cramps and back pain

Heat + Pressure = Bye Bye Cramps!

Our patent pending technology allows you to live your life without period cramps holding you back!

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What is The Band Anyway?

Does it Actually Work For Cramps??

Yes!! With almost 100% 5 ⭐ reviews we pride ourselves on being the cramp solution people actually love. In addition we were ranked the #1 Natural Cramp Solution by Real Simple Magazine. Don't like it? No problem. The trial is free so low risk for you if you don't (but we think you'll love it!)

What Is Included in The Starter Pack?

The Starter Pack includes our patent-pending Band in your choice of size and color, and your choice of 6-9 Hot Stuff which should last you 30 days!

What if I Choose the Wrong Size?

Wrong size? Wrong color? Not sure if it's working right? We're happy to help! We'll help you with no cost exchanges, returns or troubleshooting. Contact us at and we are happy to help you out!

How Does The Subscription Work?

Don't want to think about your period more? You have the option to be added to our Girls Co Subscription! This includes a discount on the original starter pack. After your first month you will automatically be shipped 9 more Hot Stuff ($12.95 + Free Shipping) So you can keep the party going. Didn't love it? Need another month? No worries! You can cancel, pause or skip at anytime.

Break Up With Period Cramps Risk Free!

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