Period cramps suck. But for some reason we keep using the old, not good, solutions to help. Where are the good options??? So we designed a solution people actually wanted. The world’s thinnest heated band that will alleviate your period cramp pain, in a way that won't cramp your style. No battery packs, wall outlets or microwaves. Because your life shouldn't stop when your period starts. Period.

The Crampion relieves period cramps "like magic"

By Combining...

• Ultra-comfortable fabric 
• Super thin heat pouches
• Pockets in the front and back
• Portable heat 
• Combination of heat and pressure to combat bloating and pain

AKA, it's your best friend for period cramps.

Long Lasting Heat

for 8-10 hours (she ain't no quitter)

Take It Anywhere

work, school, the airport or just to chill at home

360° Heat

to relieve cramps in all areas at the same time! (including period back pain)

Ultra Thin

Wear easily under even a pencil skirt. No wires or bulky battery packs!

ALL Natural

Naturally created relief without needing medication

Breathable Fabric

Light fabrics for a no sweat experience

How It Works

1. Pick Your Size

Choose your size to complete your Starter Pack and choose your subscription

2. Activate Your Subscription

Each month we will send you new warmers. Warmers are always shipped free, and sent out at the beginning of the month.

3. Relax

Skip, pause, or cancel anytime--no strings attached.

Still Have Questions? We Have Answers

The Band is an ultra thin, portable, heated band that alleviates cramp pain caused by periods. The Band uses pouches with natural ingredients (ie Hot Stuff) to create heat, which is then amplified in the fabric band. The heat helps relax your abdomen and relieves your horrible cramp pain.

You simply remove the Hot Stuff from the wrapper, remove the paper backing and insert into the pockets of The Band where heat is desired. (There are 3 front and back pockets.) Wear clothes over The Band as normal. Go about your day and let the sweet, sweet heat caress your uterus. In a totally not weird way.

Yes! We tested The Band with hundreds of people and did thousands of hours of testing before we even put up our website. The results were that 95% reported that their cramp pain was alleviated. But don't just take our word for it--go read our reviews!

Every month you receive 3 packs of Hot Stuff (each pack contains three individual HotStuff) delivered to your door. You can cancel or pause at anytime, for any reason. You can also purchase packs on an as needed basis!

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