Funny Printable Valentines + The Gifts You Should Pair Them With!! (Featuring Bernie Sanders, The Rock, Taylor Swift and More)

Give the gift of a card you chose and printed yourself. 

Here are some valentines for you to gift your friends/boyfriend/girlfriend/middle school enemy/your middle school enemy's boyfriend's enemy? (why not?)

Download and print them right from here! (each one is sized at a 5x7)

1. Bernie Sanders Meme Valentine

Pair with: a pair of mittens. Bonus points if you spent two weeks knitting them then realizing you don't knit and buying them off Etsy. 

2.  The Rock Valentine

Pair With: some weights that you will lift once with enthusiasm then place onto one spot onto the floor where they'll be for the next three months constantly stubbing your toe on. 

3. Matt The Bachelor Valentine

Pair With: A beautiful tiara so you can feel like a Queen Victoria all the time. Or perhaps this phone case of Tyler C so you can feel like you're hanging with the crew and you support animals obvi. No other reason. 

4. Taylor Swift Valentine

Pair With: A chunky cardigan obvi. And some moody lighting with a forest you're going to run into. Check Zillow on the second one I guess. 


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