Our Favorite Period Products of 2021

Our Favorite Period Products of 2021

Since starting our business, we have come across so many cool brands that are helping women to have better periods. Here are our 5 favorite period products/brands of 2021. Enjoy! And help support these small womxn-owned businesses!


TOP the Organic Project - TOP was started by two mothers who didn’t want their daughters using period products with mysterious ingredients that weren't disclosed to the public. They have created 100% organic cotton, plant based and eco friendly pads and tampons. In addition, they partner with their community to ensure that everyone has the access they need to menstrual products.

TOP the organic project - organic pads and tampons

Menstrual Cups

Bloody Buddy Cup - The Bloody Buddy menstrual cup is designed to be the easiest to use menstrual cup. Trust me, cups can be difficult at times so this is a big bonus! They use the highest grade medical silicone for their products plus they have a shiny finish which means they won’t stain as easily as other cups. They come in a variety of fun colors and sizes as well.

Bloody Buddy Menstrual Cup

Period Underwear

Knix - Knix offers a variety of period underwear with inclusive sizing ranging from XS-XXXXL. Their goal is to make women feel free and comfortable. They also offer non period underwear, bras, activewear and loungewear that is practical, comfortable and sexy.

Knix period proof underwear

Cramp Pain

The Girls Company - Okay, so we may be a little biased but our product is a portable heating pad you can take on the go and the heat lasts all day. Plus, it’s not a heating patch that just adheres to your underwear. It’s a band so it won’t slip or move around when you are inevitably taking your pants off a million times a day. It relieves cramp pain without cramping your style.

The Girls Company period cramp pain solution


Mixhers - The Mixhers Hertime supplement is meant to help with period symptoms such as mood, flow and cramp pain. It’s a drink mix that is available in a variety of flavors including passionfruit and watermelon. They were founded by women looking for a natural solution to the pains related to periods.

mixhers hertime supplement

If you know of companies who have a great mission and are womxn-owned, let us know in the comments below!


Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels
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