Period Products 101: Finding Your Perfect Timing & Fit

Period Products 101: Finding Your Perfect Timing & Fit

Hi! Navigating through our menstrual cycle is a journey we all take, and using period products correctly is our key to a comfortable and healthy experience. This guide is here to hold your hand through each step, ensuring you're always safe and sound. Let's dive in!


How Long is Too Long?: Aim to switch out your tampon every 4 to 8 hours. Remember, so let’s not keep it waiting longer than 8 hours.

TSS – The Rare, but Real Risk: Though TSS is uncommon, it's essential to be aware. Leaving a tampon in too long can increase its chances. If you suddenly feel feverish, or have muscle aches, or other unexpected symptoms, it's time to see a doc. We care about you; please take it seriously!

Absorbency Choices: Every day of our period is unique. Some days are light and breezy, while others... not so much. Tailor your tampon's absorbency to your flow, and remember, super absorbent might sound cool, but it's not always the best choice.

Menstrual Cups

Duration: The best part? You can wear these bad boys up to 12 hours. However, if you're having a day when Mother Nature is extra generous, you might need a little pit stop in between.

Why We Heart Menstrual Cups: They're our planet's BFFs, helping us save some money and trees along the way. Plus, they're champs at holding in more than tampons!

Insertion & Removal – Easy Peasy!:

Give those hands a good wash.
Fold the cup in your preferred style.
Pop it in, make sure it sits comfortably.
To take it out, relax, pinch, and pull gently.


Change Time: Listen to your body. When it feels like time for a change (usually every 3-4 hours), go for it. Overnight adventures? There's a pad for that too!

Pads Galore: From winged to wingless, thick to thin, there's a pad for every mood and flow. Pick what makes you feel like dancing, even on those period days.

Period Underwear

Duration: These comfy buddies can be your companion for up to 24 hours, but always listen to your body and the brand's advice.

Why We're Crushing on Them: The ultimate blend of convenience and coziness. They're like the spa day of period products.

Care Tips: A cold rinse before machine washing and air drying will keep them in top shape.

Other Period Products

Menstrual Discs: A solid choice for up to 12 hours of worry-free wear.

Period Sponges: Refresh them every 3-4 hours, just like taking a mini-break for your body.

Another One (or Few)

Overnight Guardians: Products labeled "overnight" are your night owls, working while you dream. But, give them a fresh start in the morning.

Disposal with Dignity: We all appreciate goodbyes. For tampons and pads, a respectful farewell in the trash will do. As for cups, discs, and period underwear, they're in for the long haul!

Busting Myths: Your tampon doesn’t determine anything about your virginity, and cups won't play hide and seek inside you. And, most importantly, periods are a natural, beautiful part of you, not a hush-hush topic.

Your well-being is our top priority. We hope this guide felt like a chat with a friend, one who's got your back every month. Embrace your period, understand your choices, and always prioritize your health.

Lastly, always remember: Your menstrual health deserves attention. If something feels off, your healthcare expert is just a call away. We're rooting for you every step of the way!

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