The Best Halloween Candy to Eat on Your Period

The Best Halloween Candy to Eat on Your Period

Halloween is just around the corner so you know we are going to be eating plenty of candy. Here's a list of (in our opinion, this is not based on science) of the best Halloween candy to eat on your period. Happy Halloween!

#5: Twix


This delicious candy has a great combination of taste and textures -- perfect for eating on your period to satisfy that sweet-tooth.

#4: Peanut M&Ms

peanut m&ms

Another great treat to munch on your period. I, personally, feel like I could eat these endlessly. Plus, the peanuts are good for you on your period so, they're basically healthy?

#3: Nerd Gummy Clusters

nerd clusters

These guys are addictive and have a fun texture. Great for popping while you're curled up and crying to a movie that's not even that sad.

#2: Snickers


The peanuts add some crunch plus a bit of salty flavor to go with the chocolate, caramel and nougat. They're also more filling than a lot of other candies which is nice because I'm always a bottomless pit on my period.

#1: Reese's, specifically the pumpkin shaped Reese's.

pumpkin shaped reese's

Not only do Reese's have peanut butter, which is supposed to be good for you on your period, they are delicious and always the superior candy of the bunch. They're decadent and satisfying -- which is what I crave on my period.


Don't agree? Add your favorite candy to eat on your period in the comments below!


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