#uterUS--Megan's Period Story

#uterUS--Megan's Period Story

Name: Megan

Age: 25

School: Motherhood!

Work: Social Media Marketer

Period Type: Changes on different life phases but currently light-medium 

Instagram handle: @domesticdwelling

Preference: Period Cup

Do you remember when you first got your period? 

It was in 9th grade. I think I was probably 14.

The worst experience you had with your period: 

I’ve had very painful periods, I’d say most of my “womanhood”. In high school when I was on my period, I was always so sick that I would have to stay home until it ended. The worst part was, I would get cramps 3-5 days before my period and then have cramps throughout my period, as well as cramping for a few days after. It basically felt like I was sick and cramping half the month from my period. Doctors were no help. They just put me on the pill in high school which made me so moody. I hated not feeling like myself but I also hated feeling so sick all the time! It felt like choosing between two evils. My cramps would be so bad I didn’t even feel like I could stand and I was always nauseous! Even into my adult years I would wake up in the middle of the night screaming in pain from my cramps. Periods...🙄 I feel like my period pain has kept me from so many activities, events, and even day to day activities. After having a baby it has gotten much better but I still deal with intense cramps!

How you currently try to combat problems regarding your period:

I have this app called MyFLO and it’s a lifesaver! It teaches you about the different phases your body goes through as part of your cycle and gives tips for how to eat and exercise that can help with painful period symptoms. It cost a few dollars to get the app, but do it! It’s worth every penny!  I also find tracking my period helps me feel more prepared for it. 

What’s your period “hack”?

I love learning about the female body so it doesn’t feel like such a mystery. Beyond the pill by Jolene Brighten and Woman Code by Alisa Vitti are such helpful books! I love using a period cup paired with period undies. It’s comfortable and easy for me because you can wait for up to 12 hours to change. I like to sleep with a towel under me when I feel I’m having a heavier flow or leakage. It spares my bed and sheets and cleans up way easier! Also just allowing myself some grace and self care during my period. 

What do you wish other people understood about having a period?

I used to feel like it was some big secret and you couldn’t tell anyone! Now I talk more openly about it and it’s cool because I’ve been able to learn and share helpful tips by being open about it. Also PMS is real!

What do you wish you understood when you were younger about having a period? What would you tell young girls about their period?

Don’t be afraid to talk to others about your period. If you are struggling and someone gives you unhelpful answers, keep looking until you find what works best for you! 


Thanks so much for sharing Megan! We felt so lucky to have you share your experiences. 



The Girls. 

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