Name: Zoia

Age: 20

Work: Student, The Girls :) and The Ballard Center

Instagram Handle: @zoia.ali

Period Type: Heavy

Preference: Pads

Tell me about the first time you had your period? 

It was right before my 11th birthday. I remembered waking up and feeling weird and like my pants were wet. I went to the bathroom and saw the blood and literally thought I was dying because I had no idea periods existed. My mom told me to wait and my dad would explain it to me when he got home. 

Walk me through the worst experience you can remember having with your period: 

It was my first semester at BYU and I was giving a presentation for my American Heritage class when I started my period during my presentation. I couldn’t even leave the class to put on a pad or anything so I had to wait and the pain was almost unbearable. I ran to the bathroom as soon as class was over and put on a pad and then I threw up a couple times because the pain was so intense. I found a study room and laid on the ground cradling my stomach and hoping to get through the rest of the day at school. Yeah, that was pretty rough. 

How do you currently try to combat problems regarding your period:

I track my period symptoms so I’m aware of when my PMS is happening and when my cycle is about to start so I can at least always have a pad on me and wear more comfortable clothes. I drink a lot of hot liquids and avoid eating cold things because that’s what my mom says haha. I also have extremely painful cramps to the point where I will throw up from the pain and not be able to eat much. Because of this, sometimes I’ll skip work or school during the first three days of my period and I find myself sometimes feeling guilty doing that even though I shouldn’t since I’m not at my best. But staying home during the initial part of my cycle really helps because I can stay in bed with my heating pad and watch Marvel movies. 

What’s your period “hack”?

I don’t have any real hacks honestly. My biggest help has been tracking my symptoms and my period cycle so I’m aware of what I’m experiencing in my body. 

What do you wish other people understood about having a period?

That almost every woman you know goes through a period and they all suffer in different ways. Periods are one of the most common experiences women go through on a monthly basis and they can really suck for women, some more than others. Periods are completely normal and they shouldn’t be a topic of conversation to be embarrassed about. Women should be allowed to take off work/school on their period. 

What would you tell young girls that you wished you knew when you first started your period?

You should never apologize for being on your period. It’s a power move. If men had to bleed for 5 days every month they would die. Us women can handle ANYTHING. Okay but seriously just know that a lot of weird things may happen and periods can be uncomfortable, painful and annoying so just do whatever you need to do to cope with it. Don’t be afraid to talk about it or check any symptoms you think may be too weird. Eat a ton of chocolate, watch videos of Harry Styles, and just plow through. You go girl. 

Thanks Zoia, you’re the very best. For real, for real.

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