What is a Period After Care Routine and What Should Mine Have?

What is a Period After Care Routine and What Should Mine Have?

Periods take a toll on our bodies! One way to reset yourself after your period is to have an after period aftercare routine! We think so much about surviving the actual period but it’s also important to take care of our bodies after our period is over—here’s my favorite period aftercare routine:

1. Clean Your Space

it helps if your environment feels clean and peaceful. No matter what kind of space you have do something to tidy it up!

2. Wash Your Body

I scrub myself to cleanse myself of the negative vibes of my period lol. But for real it helps you feel clean and renewed for the week!

3. Mask + Skincare

I always feel like my skin gets dull after my period so I’ll almost always do a mask. Taking the extra time on your skin is great whether it’s a mask or taking extra care to wash your face:)

4. Glow Up Your Insides With Some Produce + Water!

Let’s be real I am not eating the healthiest on my period. A fruit or veggie signifies to my body that I’m still here and working😂 Water helps my body operate it's best so I remember to drink a little extra when it's over.

Having a period aftercare routine is a great way to congratulate and honor your body for doing her best to help you get through another month!!

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