Your period, as told by 9 memes from New Girl

1. When you know your period is coming and there's nothing you can do about it.
new girl - destiny
2. Trying literally anything to make your cramps feel better
new girl - do it
3. Friends' reaction when you try and get out of plans while on your period
new girl - any stuff
4. Me, reacting to every person in my life while on my period.
new girl - get out nick
5. When you're at work on your period and the cramps are hitting you hard
new girl - winston die
6. Trying to fulfill my period cravings when I'm with my 'healthy' friend
new girl - not a dessert person
7. Watching anything with animals on my period
new girl - puppies in a cup
8. Having your monthly existential crisis
new girl - i might be dead
9. When you've finally made it through your period
new girl - celebrate me

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