The 15 Best Period Products You Need for 2020

The 15 Best Period Products You Need for 2020

In recent years, the options for period products have significantly increased (it’s about time!).  We are finally getting the options we deserve to help make our periods more bearable. 

Here are the 15 most highly rated period products in each category. 


Lola - Lola offers organic tampons that can be shipped monthly on subscription. Their tampons are highly rated and don’t introduce any unnatural substances into your body. They offer plastic applicator, cardboard applicator and non applicator tampons.

U by Kotex - This tampon is highly recommended by those with a heavy flow. It is supposed to be more durable and leak less. This link will take you to the super plus version but they offer a variety of sizes.

Flex - While the Flex Disc is not a tampon, nor is it a menstrual cup, it does have very high ratings. It is inserted in much like a menstrual cup but it is disposed of like a tampon. These are meant to be more comfortable than both options and also allows you to have period sex without the mess.


Rael - Rael offers pads that are 100% cotton and all organic. They have different pads for sleeping as well as different sizes depending on how heavy your flow is. They even offer reusable pads.

L. - These pads are chlorine free and do not contain any unnatural or harmful chemicals. They offer regular, super, and overnight tampons. Plus, they have a one for one model where they donate pads to someone in need with every purchase you make.

Always Radiant - These pads by Always are recommended for people who have a heavy flow. They have both scented and unscented pads.

Period Underwear

Thinx - Thinx has many different types of underwear from thongs to boy shorts and even actual shorts and leotards. They also have different underwear depending on how heavy your flow is or what point in your cycle you are at.

Knicks - This brand offers quite a few different styles of underwear as well with most of them claiming they can hold up to 4 tsp of blood which might not last a whole day, depending on the heaviness of your flow.

Bambody - There is not as much variety in this underwear and it only claims to hold two tampons worth of blood. However, it is less expensive than the other two and could potentially be used to double up with a tampon.

Menstrual Cups

The Diva Cup - The Diva Cup is one of the original menstrual cups and one of the most popular. They offer three different sizes that depend upon your age as well as the heaviness of your flow. They are about $38 and are available in person at a number of stores as well as online.

Saalt - These cups have beautiful packaging and they offer different colors. They have two different sizes and have a package you can buy that comes with both different size cups for $47 or you can get one cup for about $30.

Lunette - Lunette offers 6 different colors including a clear cup and two different sizes. These cups are around $40. I use the Lunette cup and have been very happy with it but from what I’ve heard from other people, there’s not a huge difference between cups.

Cramp Pain

The Band by The Girls Co. - Okay, so we may be a little biased but our product is a portable heating pad you can take on the go and the heat lasts all day. Plus, it’s not a heating patch that just adheres to your underwear. It’s a band so it won’t slip or move around when you are inevitably taking your pants off a million times a day. It relieves cramp pain without cramping your style. 

Pure Relief Heating Pad - This electric heating pad plugs into the wall and has adjustable heat. It is available on Amazon and has great reviews.

Mixhers - These drink supplements are meant to help with cramp pain, bloating, acne and other symptoms during your period. 

We hope these suggestions are helpful and can make your next menstrual cycle a little more bearable! It’s exciting to see more companies innovating in this space because it is so needed. If you have other period products you love, please comment down below!

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