The 9 Best Tips to Manage Your Period at Night

The 9 Best Tips to Manage Your Period at Night

Getting your period can be painful, uncomfortable and just plain annoying. It can especially be difficult at night. Here’s a list of tips to help you get through your period at night. Let’s do this.

1. Know Your Flow

If you know you have a heavier flow, try different options or combinations that work for you. Consider using period underwear + pads/tampons to manage your flow. Also don’t be afraid to double up on pads or use towels. Use The Girls Band for the best cramp relief (not that we're biased or anything but it is the best :))

2. Use Heat For Cramps

Heat relaxes the muscles that are contracting and causing the cramp pain. To relieve cramps, try taking a hot bath or shower before bed or using a heating pad before you go to sleep. 

3. Be Prepared

Change your pad/tampon right before going to sleep to help avoid having to get up in the middle of the night.

4. Layer Up

Use dark towels/underwear/sheets and get a mattress protector in case you do leak through your sheets and you want to protect your mattress. 

5. Don’t Stress If You Do Leak 

And if you do leak, DO NOT STRESS. It’s not a big deal and completely normal and happens to everyone at some point.

6. Use Pimple Patches

I always break out before and during my period. In order to combat and manage my breakouts, I make sure to have pimple patches on hand and put them on before going to bed. I’ve tried multiple brands and the Mighty Patch is easily my favorite. 

7. Self-Care 

Do some self-care ritual every night of your period (drink tea, meditate, read, watch a comfort show/movie, etc). (tea can be great for headaches and pain as well!)

8. Adjust Your Sleep Position

When you have cramps, it’s especially difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. Try sleeping in a fetal position because it can help relieve some pain and discomfort while laying down. 

9. Keep Cool

Your estrogen levels fluctuate during your period, raising your body's core temperature. Use a thinner comforter/blanket, turn the temperature down, wear lighter fabric pajamas or use a fan to combat that. 

If you want to learn more about how your sleep changes throughout your cycle, check out this blog article here

Get your beauty sleep y’all (not that you need it you are already beautiful okay yes cool)!

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